Poker Etiquette - Dos & Don’ts

January 8th, 2008 by admin

Whether playing in Vegas at a top notch casino or at home with your poker buddies, there are dos and don’ts when playing poker; basic poker etiquette:

Poker Don’ts:

  • DON’T play out of turn - whether you’re anxious to raise or can’t wait to fold your hand, don’t jump the gun. Not only is it annoying, it also gives the other players information that they shouldn’t have before making their own plays.
  • DON’T take forever to play - yes, there are times when you may be faced with a decision that requires some significant thought, but definitely not every time. If you consistently take a long time to make your decisions, it makes the game less enjoyable for others.
  • DON’T splash your chips into the pot - it may look good n T.V., but in reality it makes it hard to tell how much you’ve bet.
  • DON’T be impolite - even if you’re having a bad losing streak or a frustrating time, swearing at the other players or being critical of their play or being otherwise impolite is a big no no. People tend to have long memories about obnoxious conduct, and verbal battles only help to distract from what should be your main focus … your poker strategy.
  • DON’T give running commentary - whether you’re in the hand yourself, or just watching from the sidelines, no one, especially the other players, want to hear chatter about what could’ve, would’ve, should’ve happened!
  • DON’T be a whiner or a cry baby. Nuff’ said!

Poker Dos:

  • DO treat others as you would like to be treated at the poker table.
  • DO pay attention. No one should have to remind you that it’s your turn because you were busy chatting on the cellphone or otherwise distracted.
  • DO keep quiet during the hand. Let the hand end before you offer any commentary whatsoever.
  • DO observe the DON’Ts above!

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